Nathan Willis

Nathan has more than 10 years experience working with everyone from local businesses to leading technology companies. His depth of knowledge includes administration, hardware and software deployment, and audio/visual equipment and setups. When you need a technical solution to streamline your business, Nathan will provide an accessible solution.

Nenad Velickovski

In his 20 years of graphic design experience, Nenad has done it all. Apps, business cards, websites, flyers, and more – Nenad thrives on creating clean, beautiful designs. You can guarantee that Nenad will deliver stunning graphics that bring your project to life (and make everyone in our office jealous of his skills).

Trevor Andrews

Combining a love of marketing with an obsession for words, Trevor works tirelessly to make your business stand out. By blending your business goals with sharp marketing and engaging copywriting, Trevor will help you attract, convert, and retain your customers.

Justin Khan

Making users eager to interact with your app or website takes more than pretty graphics. It’s about creating an experience they can’t resist. Justin has spent years perfecting his user experience design skills with international firms, and now lends his boundless talents to the Simple Connections team.

Brett Ludwig

With 18 years of development expertise and 6+ years in managing projects, Brett is the lynchpin of the Simple Connections team. Adept at translating tech-speak into solutions anyone can understand, Brett makes your entire project process simple, straight-forward, and (dare we say) fun.